When to Initiate Legal Action 

The Legal Process


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Legal Services

Capital Credit & Consulting provides cost-effective legal solutions that are unparalleled by any competitor or legal service provider.  We are fully prepared and equipped to employ the legal system to recover outstanding receivables and payment terms of a contract.  Legal services have rapidly become an essential service frequently crucial to the collection process.

Although all collection assignments give implied permission to sue, litigation shall not commence without signed authorization by the client unless alternate arrangements exist.  If consent is given, legal action is not initiated unless:

  • our investigation reveals a high probability of recovery; 
  • the Statute of Limitations (or limitation period) necessitates the need to secure your position; or 
  • the action may be motivational or expedite resolve. 

We consider it our responsibility to educate or inform our clients, based on our knowledge and experience, whether legal action is a prudent solution.  It is not always prudent to throw good money after bad.

When a decision has been made to initiate legal action, we immediately begin the process.  The file does not get shuffled around or sit idle.  If a situation requires, the legal documents can be drafted, filed and out for service the same day or within hours of being directed to litigate.  No other collection agency or other legal service provider can consistently guarantee this turn around time.




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