Customer Service

Selecting a collection service provider is not an easy task; especially when so many promise and make the same commitment to the same standards of excellence and customer service. At Capital Credit & Consulting, we make the promise and commitment, but more importantly, we keep the promise and commitment throughout the client relationship.

Service is our responsibility. A responsibility that begins when a potential client first contacts our organization. It continues when an account is referred to us by the client; increases as we perform our various collection steps; and endures until the account is resolved to the client’s satisfaction. Even if an account is not collectable, we believe it is our responsibility to satisfy our clients with the reasons why, supported by factual information or documentation.

Our relationship with each client is a partnership. We bring to that partnership a commitment to apply our knowledge, experience and effort to our principal goal:

Our principal goal is to expeditiously recover the maximum amount of receivables for each client as efficiently and economically as possible. This is done while preserving the client’s corporate reputation by maintaining high ethical conduct and sound collection practices at all times without exception.

Complimenting our customer service is our advanced technology and extended hours of operation.  Our total package allows us to be an industry leader for businesses of all sizes by not only having a broad array of receivable management solutions that are “best of breed”, but also ensuring the levels of service and performance are consistently maintained. This is achieved by understanding the needs of our clients by communicating effectively and consistently. Capital Credit & Consulting has experienced growth each year since the inception of the company.  Growth has been diligently calculated and controlled to ensure service and performance levels are not compromised.  
Auditing Procedures & Performance Monitoring
Capital Credit & Consulting maintains a high standard of quality control through direct management involvement in all aspects of the operation.  This includes developing and maintaining the diligent execution of work plans that are custom tailored to specifically meet the needs of each individual client.  In addition, rigorous financial controls and close supervision of all functions ensure that the policies and procedures of Capital Credit & Consulting are properly maintained in the best interest of the client.