Why Capital Credit?

In April 1999, the Founders of Capital Credit & Consulting recognized that regional and national agencies were focusing their best efforts and resources on clients that would list tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in receivables each year with third party collection agencies.  This resulted in the neglect of what the collection industry defined as small and medium sized clients.  Those small and medium sized clients unknowingly formed a “training ground” at the larger collection agencies to groom personnel for the “privileged” clients. 

Additionally, in recent years Capital Credit & Consulting noticed a crucial trend among consumers and companies that were ending up in collections. Consumers and companies were becoming more proficient with the ever-changing legislation that governs, and occasionally limits the credit and collection.  As a result, the need for legal remedies enforcing payment has heightened.  Most collection agencies and their personnel seemed to lack the legal services they preach and the in depth legal knowledge needed to successfully maximize and expedite collection recoveries.  Very few (if any) collection agencies offer cost-effective legal solutions, or have the knowledge, experience and education that Capital Credit & Consulting brings to their client relationships.

Few options exist for clients that need legal solutions in addition to collection services.  Smaller collection agencies generally do not have the resources, technology, or experienced staff to perform at an elite level.  In addition, collection agencies of all sizes seem to have a high staff turn over or limited collection related services.  

Capital Credit & Consulting brings the experience, technology, and work plans unlike any clients have had before and adds the ethics, professionalism, knowledge, client service and results often sought but rarely found or maintained.  All of this with sound legal knowledge and experience readily available to clients regardless of the volume of accounts listed for collection.  Visit our client reference section to compare us to other collection service providers as many of our clients have used